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The Development of the Nautical Tourism in Croatia

The country of 1000 islands, the total revenue of the tourism in the whole of the world amounts to 100 billion euros. Nowadays Croatia gets 6% slice of the tourism cake. Before the war, tourism in Croatia was the main economic drive which was filling in the coffers of the National Bank of ex-Yugoslavia. The war has put Croatia as destination on hold but now this beautiful country is in again and everyone is buzzing about Croatia as the top European destination.

Croatia has a great potential in this economical branch. However as in every business the key is in the strategy. To revert back to the first sentence of this article, “the country of 1000 islands”, it seems to me that the answer to question regarding the strategy is self explanatory. Croatia needs to follow the example of Montenegro and it needs to create positive investment climate for the construction of mega yacht marinas. We have asked Srđ Portolan, a member of Adriatic Yacht Services management bord his viewpoint. Srđ has told us that we should follow the model employed by France. Portolan was the part of the Adriatic Yacht Services incentive trip which took place in Cap d’Antibe in March 2013. Srđ told us that he was amazed by the scale of marinas and especially those reserved for megayachts. Srđ also explained to us that the quality of the infrastracture services was second to none. Srđ Portolan stressed that this French model is what Croatia lacks.

Here in Croatia, Dubrovnik if we are to examine only two of these factors, we have failed the exam. Naturally we have to follow the example of our neighbors, Montenegrins. Porto Montenegro in Tivat, a luxury marina complex, an Anglo-Russian investment project is a success story to the point that oil struck Azeri investors are investing a serious money for the development of a new luxury marina in Kumbor. Having been to Porto Montenegro I was amazed at the scale of infrastructure, restaurants, luxury shops, luxury travel agencies, yacht dealership representative offices, car dealership representative offices which to me only highlighted the seriousness of the whole story.

At the end of the day, the conclusion one can draw is a simple one, Dubrovnik as Croatia’s top destination must find asap a solution for the construction of a marina for mega yachts before is too late. So if you get on your yacht in Porto Montenegro in Tivat and it is logical that your next stop is Dubrovnik. However if you do not have marina for megayachts let alone accompanying infrastructure and services, it is highly unlikely that you as a country read destination, are to raise this slice in the cake to let us say 8% and speed up your economic recovery.

Get a Gorgeous New Look With a Cosmetic Smile Makeover

Creating an impression is always our main goal, be it in public, with our loved ones, or just with a stranger.

One of the ways to do this is with a smile, and a perfect smile is said to be more enchanting than our entire body language. Even those with a great natural smile have gone a mile further to perfect it with a smile make-over procedure.

Smile Makeover is a dental cosmetic procedure that is undertaken to enhance and put more glamour on that smile. Some of the custom procedures in a smile makeover are; teeth whitening, dental realignment with braces, dental implants, denture, tooth improvements with porcelain veneers, and zirconia crowing, among many others.

In a nutshell, the procedure takes care of everything that is hindering you from having a gorgeous bold smile.

What are some of the problems that are addressed by this cosmetic smile makeover?

• Stained teeth. This comes with prolonged use of substances such as coffee or cigarette smoking that stains the teeth. Other causes may be excess fluorosis. Teeth whitening is very popular which may involve spending only 10 minutes with the dentist. The dentist may use porcelain or composite veneers.

• A bad bite or misaligned teeth, this is normally a congenital problem, and based on how the jaw borne develops leading to misaligned teeth. This is a common problem as it mostly affects the front teeth, those that are involved in a smile.

In a cosmetic dental clinic, this problem is rectified with very comfortable Invisalign treatment that involves invisible braces. This all together takes care of uneasiness that one feels while wearing conspicuous and mundane braces.

• Cracked or missing teeth, this may be due to accidents or removal of decayed teeth. At cosmetic dental smile makeover, teeth filling and reshaping of the cracked teeth is done with such precautions that match with your entire teeth.

The use of porcelain veneers is one of the most effective procedures that is carried out to give you that smile in an hour, while porcelain bridges are used to fill the missing teeth.

These cosmetic dental procedures are not that invasive; hence several of the only require few or just a single visit to the dentist. The number one advantage with them is that they give you a smile makeover, meaning they take care of all the dental problems that you may be having.

The cosmetic dentist inspects and makes sure to address all the dental issues to help you have that perfect smile.

The Latest Addition to the Travel Market

Islamic holidays and Halal friendly holidays are some phrases that we hear more and more these days in the world of travel. What does it truly mean? More than just finding halal food, it is a mode of holiday that caters to a type of lifestyle. Travel is something that almost all people love doing as it provides a break from the routine of daily life. Thus, it is no wonder that the travel industry as a whole works towards catering to different needs. We are regularly made aware of the different types of holidays on offer such as luxury holidays, luxury cruises, eco holidays, weekend getaways, budget holidays, backpacking and camping holidays. The list is literally endless as new and more innovative holiday ideas are brought to the market.

Global trends and needs are constantly changing and one such new trend is the development of the type of vacations that are known as Halal holidays. These holidays have taken into consideration all aspects of Muslim lifestyles and each detail is planned; from the destinations, to accommodation, to food and other such requirements so that the holiday goer can truly enjoy a relaxing vacation. Muslim holiday makers are fast becoming a big market in the travel trade and catering to their holiday requirements is proving lucrative, though still relatively in the early stages. This is why more holiday destinations and accommodation providers are developing the foundation needed to cater to this market.

In simple terms, Islamic Holidays take the requirements of an Islamic lifestyle into consideration by providing certain facilities that help facilitate and ensure that the customs are respected. Separate areas for males and females are provided along with separate swimming pools, secluded beach areas for the different genders and even separate spa facilities. There are even separate male and female attendants to look into the needs of guests. This allows Muslim women to enjoy their holiday with the family as they too can enjoy a swim in a pool away from male guests. Further, guests can be one hundred percent sure of the food that they eat and that it meets with their religious requirements. Accommodation providers catering to Halal travel do not serve alcohol, while also providing important information such as prayer times and direction and even in some cases prayer mats.